The final book in the Vampire Empire series.

Publication year: 2012
Format: Audio
Running time: 14 hours, 49 minutes
Publisher: Buzzy Multimedia Publishing
Narrator: James Masters

The book starts about a year after the start of the series.

Empress Adele has started a war against the vicious vampire clans of the north. Her trusted men stand with her: Anhault who has been promoted to the commander of the Empire’s armed forces and her consort the mysterious Greyfriar. At the start of the book, the men are leading the assault against vampires and their whole group is pinned down in France. But Adele comes there personally and uses her geomancy powers to strike the vampires down. However, the humans are losing the war and the best way to win it, is for Adele to use her powers again and again. Unfortunately, that weakens her too much. Also, she has to deal with her ministers who have more ambition than her.

Soon, they hear that the vampire prince Cesare has killed his own father the king and wants to become the king. He also wants to lead an assault against the humans so Adele and Greyfriar don’t want him as king. There’s one obvious choice but that would separate the two.

Adele has grown into a leader. However, her compassionate side sometimes tries to overwhelm the Empress who must do tough choices for the survival of her people. Essentially, she has the power to kill a lot of vampires but she starts to think that some vampires might not be evil so she doesn’t want to kill them. The problem is that we’ve only seen one non-evil vampire; the rest want to slaughter humans and drink their blood. Peaceful co-existence isn’t really possible between predators and prey.

Greyfriar was an interesting character at first but after falling in love with Adele he hasn’t changed at all. He’s absolutely loyal to her. He would like to save his people but he knows that it’s not possible, really.

This book has more large-scale battles than the previous ones. It’s also more focused on romance than the first book. Despite having some intrigue, it has lot of action, too. Oh, and no sex scenes.

This time, we also hear about how these vampire reproduce; no, they’re not undead and humans can’t be made into vampires. However, that myth is still alive and some humans have bought into it.

The ending ties up all the smaller plotlines but the fate of the world is still undecided. I was also a little disappointed that the Grayfriar’s true identity wasn’t revealed to the people at large.