Tough Travelling hosted by Fantasy Review Barn.
Each Thursday, inspired by ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ we have in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is EXTREME CLIMATES

Perhaps the hansom prince lives in a castle surrounded by green countryside and sunny days. The rest of the land is forced to deal with freezing cold, searing heat, and every other extreme climate mother nature can throw at you.

I have to mention Hoth in Star Wars.

Savage Land: In the Marvel Universe, the Antarctica has a secret land which is a jungle with dinosaurs. The X-Men adventure there sometimes.

Dune by Herbert: It’s been a few decades since I read it, but I still remember the sand dunes and the huge worms which travel it.

Narnia by C. S. Lewis: In the first book (the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) Narnia is enchanted into perpetual winter but without a Christmas.

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson: In this series, ash falls from the sky so much that it’s hard to farm enough food for everyone. During the night, mist covers everything.

All the Windwracker stars by Elizabeth Bear: The book starts with Ragnarok but the extreme weather comes after that. The next time the world is near the end, Eiledon is the last human city and it’s still alive in the middle of acid rain and desolation because of the Techonmancer Thjierry Thorvaldsdottir who protects the city.

The King’s Bastard and sequels by Rowena Cory Daniells: The first book is set in the kingdom of Rolencia during mid-winter and the characters are almost always moving in deep snow or skating across frozen lakes.

Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik: Temeraire and his Captain Laurence have been sent to Australia as prisoners. The hot and humid weather is new to them.