A Farscape novel.

Publication year: 2001
Format: ebook
Page count: 191
Publisher: TOR

John has a toothache and Zhaan gives him some worms, dentics, which should clean his teeth and get rid of the infection. The dentics die and he puts them into the biomatter recycler. Unfortunately, John’s alien germs affect Moya, too, and she becomes ill. The crew has to find someone to help Moya and they turn to Jansz, who is the leader of a large community of traders and pirates. Things don’t go smoothly, of course.

This is a difficult book to review. The writing is pretty character-oriented, focusing on Rygel and Chiana. She’s feeling like she doesn’t belong with the crew and that she doesn’t have any real friends there. She also has a lot of guilt because of her past action towards a man she loved. Rygel is concerned with rescuing someone; a female Hynerian whom he used to love.

Unfortunately, many of the details of the characters are just wrong but maybe this was written before those things were established on the show. For example, Rygel relives his past where he’s fallen in love with a Hynerian female. Instead of 1,437 wives, he has just one queen and the marriage requires a political match. Similarly, Chiana’s past shows her surviving alone (no mention of her brother Nerri) and there were no details about her Nebari culture which essentially brainwashes the citizens to compliance. Moya was born in a black hole where her mother was hiding from slavers – before the Peacekeeper civilization was born. Moya is also able to disgorge goo to feed her passengers. If our Moya had been able to do that, episodes centering on the crew’s desperate need to feed themselves wouldn’t have been necessary.

This can be read as an alternate universe Farscape but it can’t be reconciled with now existing canon.

The adventure is an emotional roller-coaster with Moya on the brink of death for the whole book and Chiana feeling so deeply an outsider that she betrays the crew for a chance to feel part of another group. The ending was rather abrupt and strange.
Jansz himself is an interesting character. He can take over other people and speak through them. The book also has Re who is a gestalt organism, living through other beings.

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