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This week we look at MOMS

Everyone has a mother. Including people in fantasyland. Just in time to be slightly early for Mother’s Day.

Fantasy (and SF) have a lot of absent or dead mothers. And even when they are alive mothers are rarely significant characters, because the main character is often young. But some are more prominent:

Nanny Ogg by Terry Pratchett
Nanny has a large family of children, children children, and their children (and in-laws). People go to her for advice all the time.

Briar Wilks from Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker
She’s the widow of one of the most hated men in this alternate world and had to raise a son alone. She’s very determined and resourceful.

Katriona from Robin McKinley’s Spindle’s End
Katriona adopts baby princess Perciona (who will grow up to be the Sleeping Beauty) when she’s only 16. She and her Aunt do their best to raise the baby.

Jenny Waynest from Barbara Hambly’s Dragonsbane
She’s a mage and a healer. She also has two young sons.

Ista from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Paladin of Souls
She’s actually under the influence of a curse while raising her kids. In the PoS she travels away from her family so we don’t see her much with her kids but her daughter is a queen by that time.

Joyce Summers from Buffy
I often think the she was underused in the show but that’s because Buffy was a teenager living with her mother and the show was focused on Buffy. But she did have some fun scenes.

Xena the Warrior Princess
People don’t often think of her as mother but she did have a son and a daughter. Granted, she leaves her son Solan to the centaurs who raise him and her daughter Eve is raised by Emperor Augustus.

Amandine from Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series
Amandine is perhaps one of the worst mothers in the fantasy genre. After October’s father dies, Amandine withdraws away from everyone, including her daughter and granddaughter.

October Daye by Seanan McGuire
Toby a changeling – her mother was a fae and her father a human. She fell in love with a human man and they have a daughter. Unfortunately, Toby is estranged from her ex and her daughter but she still loves her daughter very much.

Two of my favorite mothers come from science fiction:

Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan by Lois McMaster Bujold
She’s a formidable character and is the star of two books “Shards of Honor” and “Barrayar” (together in omnibus “Cordelia’s Honor”). In the rest of the series she’s minor character but she has a great influence on both her son Miles and the whole planet where she lives.

Sarah Connor from Terminator
She goes to great lengths to make sure to train her son John Connor to survive.