Publication year: 1944
Publication year of the Finnish translation: 2014, reprint from 1975
Format: print
Page count: 251
Publisher: WSOY
Finnish translator: Anna-Liisa Laine

This mystery story doesn’t start with the murder. Instead it starts from the point when someone starts to plan a murder and shows how all the people involved are going towards the murder. It starts with an old and respected lawyer, Mr. Treves, who has an exceptional memory and who also thinks that a murder is the end of a story, not a start.

As usual, a quirky cast a characters gather together. This time they’ve come to Gull’s Point to entertain a widow who has quite strong opinions. Her guests include Nevile Strange who is a great athlete and his young and lovely wife Kay, and his ethereal ex-wife Audrey. The widow is quite concerned that all three are in her house at the same time. The guests also include Thomas Royde who has just returned from Malay and Ted Latimer, Kay’s old and very handsome friend. Two of the widow’s servants round out the cast.

When someone is murdered, Superintendent Battle and his inexperienced young nephew are called in.

This is a fun little mystery with several twists and red herrings. However, Battle doesn’t actually do much; the focus is strongly on the suspects.