The next Retrieval Artist book!

Publication year: 2015
Format: Audio
Running time: 10 hours, 36 minutes
Narrator: Jay Snider

The book starts 55 years before the bombings on the Moon, in a prison where the mass murderer Pierre Luigi Freimon is incarcerated. His clones are the ones who bombed the Moon. Jhena Andre is one of the guards. Another guard calls her, and tells her to bring a lot of evidence bags. Despite her misgivings, she does so and is coerced into smuggling DNA out of the prison.

The now part of the book actually deals with the aftermath of the Peyti Crisis which happened a week after the Anniversary Day bombing (in the book Blowback): hundreds of Peyti lawyers tried to finish off the Moon with poison. However DeRicci, Nyquist, and Flint derailed that plan. But now, they are trying to find out who was behind the whole thing. Little by little, they find traces which chill them.

The Peyti are imprisoned and Nyquist and the other police officers are trying to question them. Meanwhile Luc Deshin, a former crime boss, is making his own inquiries in order to save his family and the Moon. Miles Flint has a more personal problem in addition to finding the masterminds behind the bombing: his daughter Talia has become increasingly withdrawn and fearful. But it’s no wonder: she has gone through several traumas in a short time.

The investigation is again in the forefront of this book and tension is getting higher when the characters realize just how high the stakes could be. All of the characters are feeling the strain and Nyquist (who’s now dating DeRicci) is afraid that she will crack under it. His concern is really very sweet and very much warranted.

A great addition to the series but this isn’t a self-contained book and doesn’t have a clear ending. I’d recommend starting with the first book, the Disappeared.