The next Retrieval Artist book!

Publication year: 2015
Format: Audio
Running time: 10 hours, 36 minutes
Narrator: Jay Snider

This is definitely not a stand-alone book. It continues from the previous one and instead of ending, it just stops. No Miles or DeRicci. Instead, we get a diverse cast of characters, although some are seen only briefly and they all have their own stories. This almost felt like a collection of short stories or novellas of various characters who were all deeply influenced by the Anniversary Day bombing. Some of them are new and some were introduced in the previous book, A Murder of Clones. Deshin and his family are explored more in the short novel “The Possession of Paavo Deshin” and he has appeared in previous Miles books.

Behane Magalhaes is the daughter of a rich tycoon. Her mother was killed four years ago when the dome was sectioned during the earlier Moon bombing. Behane hasn’t really gotten over it; but in this story she’s slowing healing. Her boyfriend Torkild dumps her very publicly during the Anniversary Day bombing and she realizes a lot of things about her life. Among them is the fact that she wants to help people. So, she joins as a volunteer to Search and Rescue. The start of her story was seen from Torkild’s perspective in the previous book “The Murder of Clones”.

Luc Deschen is these days mostly-legal businessman. He wants to know who is behind the bombing so that he can protect his family. He’s left his criminal life behind but now he returns to Armstrong Dome’s seedy underbelly to search for clues of the bombers.

We also follow Eva who is looking for her sister who was on the bombing site when the bomb went off. Eva works for the Earth Alliance Investigations’s human division so she has resources which other people don’t have.

I really enjoyed these stories since I’ve long wanted to see the universe beyond Flint and DeRicci. However, the overall plot behind the bombings doesn’t advance much. Still, the pain and grief of the characters is quite painful to read about sometimes. Fortunately, Behane is moving on with her life. She even meets a romantic interest. Still, there is one quite gruesome scene when she searches for DNA evidence about the people who were pretty much vaporized in the bombing.

This is a rather intense book in the series and it’s clearly heading towards the end, where all will be revealed, but it doesn’t have any sort of closure. Fortunately, the next book will come out soon.