Today the topic of Top Ten Tuedays is Top Ten reads from the past three years. This turned out to be quite hard. In the past three years I’ve read a lot of books from series I follow and new-to-me authors. Today, I felt the best were these:

Seanan McGuire: The Winter Long
Lois McMaster Bujold: Barrayar
Kristen Imani Kasai: Tattoo
Marie Brennan: With Fate Conspire
Robin McKinley: Sunshine
A Lee Martinez: Emperor Mollusk and the Sinister Brain
Terry Pratchett: Going postal
Fiction River: Moonscapes
Steven Brust: Hawk
Andy Weir: The Martian

I also read a surprising amoung of media-tie books, mostly from Buffy, Star Trek: TNG, and Babylon 5.
Favorite media-tie in read:

Chrisopher Golden and Nancy Holder: The lost slayer omnibus

In fact, I enjoyed the Buffy books most. It could be that I was just starting to read them and read the best ones first.

And of course favorite comics:
I read the whole Busiek’s Avengers run in 2012 and it’s really hard to pick favorite among them but these are the ones I wanted to immediately reread:

Morgan Conquest (the first issues of Busiek’s run)
Avengers Assemble vol. 2 (including Ultron unlimited!)
Avengers Forever

It was interesting to note that when I looked over the comics I’ve read in the past three years, this Busiek run made me want to re-read them again. As much as I love the X-Men, they just don’t incite that same feeling.