The fourth collected volume of Firefly comic but the first one set after the movie Serenity. Collects Leaves on the Wind 1-6 and “It’s never easy”.

Writer: Zack Whedon
Artists: Georges Jeanty, Fabio Moon, Karl Story
Publisher: Dark Horse
Publishing year: 2014

The story starts several months after the movie Serenity. The crew have let the regular people know about Miranda and what they found there. Some of the people think that the crew are heroes but there are people, apparently working for the government, who are branding Mal and his crew as terrorists and criminals. Shadowy Alliance operatives are sent after the crew. However, there’s also a group calling themselves the New Resistance who wants to find Mal and make him their leader.

Mal and the crew are hiding. At least until Zoe gives birth to her and Wash’s baby. Unfortunately, Zoe is bleeding internally and the crew have to head for the nearest hospital. Once there, it doesn’t take long until the Alliance is notified and the crew is forced to abandon Zoe to the hospital. Of course, they’ll try to get her back any way they can.

Mal and the crew are rather desperate at the start of the story. They don’t have much food left and Serenity is falling apart. Two of their crew is dead and Jayne has left, too. On the other hand, River is doing much better and she’s now the pilot. There are other personal development which I won’t spoil here but which I very much approve of.

The story starts in a very interesting way but I think the middle was a bit rushed (or maybe I just wanted a longer story ). Lots of familiar characters reappear and Zoe has her own adventure. Also, the first pages were interesting where we saw the quick progression of Mal being branded as a terrorist for revealing Alliance’s secrets.

The stakes were raised quite high in the story and especially in the last pages. I don’t see how they can go back to being relative nobodies and doing odd jobs (in every sense of the word). Unfortunately, they don’t have much of an income so I’m very curious to see how they can support themselves from now on. It’s also a bit of shame because I liked that part of the story before, the small (criminal) gigs they did but at least they could pick and choose the ones they did. I already feel that this comic is darker in tone than the TV show and it seems that it will go even darker because their enemies are so dangerous now. The comic doesn’t have the comedic moments the show had which lightened up the mood.

Overall, I liked the first two collections more.

Oh, yes. This isn’t a good jumping-on point. I recommend watching first the TV-show Firefly (just half a season) and movie Serenity.