Next, I’m joining the 2015 Women reading challenge.

This challenge will make us want to read more books of any kind written by women, so choose whatever you like and get involved!
Set your level and, if you like, leave me a comment on this post listing your three favourite women writers, in order to suggest new names to other participants as well.

Here are mine (they are just the first ones coming to my mind):

* Elena Ferrante
* Alice Munro
* Virginia Woolf


* anyone can join;
* you don’t need a blog to partecipate: if you are a non-blogger please leave a comment with a link (if you review elsewhere) to your review or with the list of the books you read and the level you choose;
* audio, e-books, bound books and re-reads are ok;
* create a sign up post on your blog and post the link in the Linky below (scroll down please, it’s at the end of the italian translation);
* challenge goes from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015;
* here you can link for your reviews.

Level 1: BABY GIRL – read 5 books written by a woman author
Level 2: GIRLS POWER – read 6 to 15 books written by a woman author
Level 3: SUPER GIRL – read 16 to 20 books written by a woman author
Level 4: WONDER WOMAN – read 20+ books written by a woman author

This time I’m going to choose Girls Power level with minimum 6 books read.

Books read:
1 Karen Wyle: Playback Effect
2, Karen Lowachee: Warchild
3, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: A Murder of Clones
4, Jacqueline Garlick: Lumiere
5, Elizabeth Bear: Undertow
6, Nancy Jane Moore: Conscientious inconsistencies
7, Carol Berg: Song of the Beast
8, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Search and Recovery
9, Diane Duane: Dark Mirror
10, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Peyti Crisis
11,Charlotte E. English: Black Mercury
12, Helene Wecker: The Golem and the Jinni
13, Agatha Christie: Towards Zero
14, Pat Cadigan: The Mindplayers
15, Kalayna Price: Grave Witch
16, MeiLin Miranda: The Machine God
17, Ekaterin Sedia: The Secret History of Moscow
18, Kalayna Price: Grave Dance
19, Jennifer Roberson: Lady of the Forest
20, Catherynne M. Valente: The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden
21, V. E. Schwab: Vicious
22, Catherynne M. Valente: The Orphan’s Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice
23, Agatha Christie: Murder in Mesopotamia
24, S. M. Blooding: Fall of Sky City
25, M. K. Hobson: The Native Star
26, Judith Tarr: Lord of the Two Lands
27, Kara Dalkey: Euryale
28, Jennifer Fallon: The Immortal Prince
29, Anne Lyle: The Alchemist of Souls
30, Laurie R. King: the Beekeeper’s Apprentice
31, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas: Reindeer Moon
32, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas: The Animal Wife
33, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Snipers
34, Agatha Christie: The Moving Finger
35, Seanan McGuire: A Rose-Red Chain
36, Vicki Pettersson: The Scent of Shadows
37, Carol Berg: The Spirit Lens
38, Cherie Priest: Fiddlehead
39, Carol Berg: The Soul Mirror
40, Linda Nagata: Memory
41, Emmi Itäranta: Memory of Water
42, Nancy Kress: The Probability Moon
43, Susan Kaye Quinn: The Third Daughter