I participted in just three challenges last year in addition to Carl’s Sci-fi Experience, Once Upon a Time reading, and R.I.P. This was a good thing because I didn’t feel pressured to read something particular. On the other hand my TBR grew because I read more books from the library and from Project Gutenberg.

Women challenge: (21 out of 5)
I signed up for the easiest level with 5 books (Baby girl) and ended up reading and reviewing 21 books by female authors. I ended up in the Wonder Woman level! 🙂

Just for Fun: (12 out of 12)
In this challenge participants read one book a month just for fun and I managed that. I started a reread of Burroughs’ Barsoom books and read most of them. Most of them were in ebook format from Project Gutenberg.

Still a few to read this year and I’ve got his first Venus book which I haven’t read before. I’m also thinking of rereading (some of) my Star Trek: TNG books for this challenge this year to truly keep it fun (especially when I’m riding a bus).

Manga and Comics challenge: (32 out of 12)
I signed up again for the easiest level, Modern age with a comic a month which I succeeded easily. In fact, I read a lot of comics which I don’t review because as far as I can tell, they aren’t available in English and, um, I don’t always have anything intelligent to say.

Sci-fi Experience 2014
I read 12 books for this reading event and had a blast.

Once upon a time 2014
I read 6 books and rewatched Robin of Sherwood which was mostly as great as I remembered it.

R.I.P. 2014
10 books read for this experience and I rediscovered Agatha Christie.

Most of the books I read this year I’d give 3 or 3 and a half or 4 stars (from 5). None were one star. So a very good reading year!

Overall I read and reviewed 61 books. 21 of those were by women authors, 7 were short story collections with both male and female authors and one book (Greyfriar) with a male and a female author. Out of the 32 books by male authors, 8 were by E.R. Burroughs.