It’s that time of the year again, the time to start choosing reading challenges for 2015. My first reading challenge will be Just of Fun 2015:

As bloggers we are all on timetables to read books, get reviews posted, host giveaways, etc.

But we also travel around to other blogs and see books we would just like to read because of their recommendation or the cover or title catches our interest. The Meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?” adds more books to my Wish List and To-Be-Read pile every week.

As followers you get our recommendations, win books from us, pick up books at the library or buy them at a store.

But our lives are so busy these books sometimes sit in our To-Be-Read piles for months or even years.

This is the 5th year I am hosting this challenge to
encourage you to read some of those books.
12 books in 12 months JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!!!!!


This year there will be no months designated as Catch-Up Months!
If you miss a month it is up to you to catch up. Just designate you are catching up when you list the book and include the date.

You are not required to review these books.
They are to be read JUST FOR FUN. You can review if you wish.

I started my Barsoom books reread in Just for Fun 2014 and I’ll complete it next year with the last three books and I’m sure I’ll have fun reading other books, too.

1, Joss Llewlyn: The Razor’s Edge
2, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Synthetic Men of Mars
3, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Llana of Gathol
4, Edgar Rice Burroughs: John Carter of Mars
5, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Pirates of Venus
6, Elizabeth Bear: One-Eyed Jack
7, Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: The Kingmaker
8, John Scalzi: Lock In
9, Naomi Novik: The Blood of Tyrants
10, Lois McMaster Bujold: Penric’s Demon
11, Carol Berg: The Soul Mirror
12, Carol Berg: The Daemon Prism