Collects the second miniseries.

Story: Rockne S. O’Bannon
Script: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Artist: Will Sliney

The comic starts with one of John’s strange dreams where he’s placed his family into a sit-com but even here the weirdness of his reality seeps through. He’s trying so hard to make them into a normal family but it just isn’t working.

After their latest adventure, Moya’s crew go to a commerce planet where things turn out to be rather weird. A supposedly happy Luxan couple start to argue over their union tattoos and a customer argues with a merchant. Quickly, they are using their fists and even weapons. The arguing spreads to our heroes, too. First Chiana ja Jothee argue, which isn’t unusual for them, but when they start to pull weapons on each other, it’s clear that something is very wrong. Even Pilot is arguing with Moya. And everyone is coughing.

John and Aeryn want their son examined and it seems like an increasingly good idea to go to the Diagnosans. It turns out that the hostilities are the fault of a virus, a very strange virus. And it has spread to Hyneria and beyond.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this volume as much as the previous one. The story started in a very interesting way but about halfway through I started to wonder how the spread of the virus could be stopped. It seemed to me that stopping a galaxy wide disease wouldn’t be something that Moya’s little crew could do all by themselves or quickly. It felt like a whole season spanning metaplot. However, it was all wrapped up in the final issue and this felt too neat to me. Also I really disliked John’s plan on how he was going to cure Aeryn. Even for Farscape, that was a bit too ridiculous.

The overarching plot about little Deke advanced only a little.