Collects the first Farscape miniseries comics.

Story: Rockne S. O’Bannon
Script: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Artists: Tommy Patterson, Michael Babinksy, Marshall Dillon

The story starts right after Peacekeeper Wars and continues the storyline which was left hanging in that miniseries. Jothee, Chiana, Rygel, Noranti, Aeryn, John, and little baby D’Argo are on board Moya and appear in the story. (Sikozu doesn’t despite being in the cover.)

This felt almost like a Farscape episode to me. At the same time it was shorter and yet the setting was something they probably couldn’t have shown in TV because the episode would have had a lot of puppet characters as extras.

In the Peacekeeper wars it was established that some of Rygel’s people aren’t happy with his cousin Bishan’s rule. One of Rygel’s 1,347 wives contacts him and says that Bishan has put a bounty on Rygel’s head but that a significant number of hynerians are willing to follow Rygel if he comes back to overthrow the usuper. Rygel pretty much glows in his underlings’ adulation. When Moya reaches Hyneria, Rygel, Chiana, and Jothee go down to the palace planet. They don’t expect trouble but of course they are ambushed.

Meanwhile, John and Aeryn are getting used to being parents. John nicknames the baby Deke and Aeryn is having difficulty calming little Deke down. John and Aeryn also experience a strange slow-motion thing (John’s words) which the Pilot didn’t notice. Of course, little D’Argo is doing it. Also, a strange ship piloted by someone with red eyes is following Moya. (Red eyes are never a good sign!) John decides to keep that a secret from Aeryn and instead they take a transport pod down to help the imprisoned trio. They also take little Deke with them on the pretext that his life would always be in danger anyway. This felt funny at first but it’s incredibly irresponsible.

It was good to see the familiar characters again, but this story left me definitely craving for more. About one third of the collected edition is O’Bannon’s script so the comic was pretty short.

It was great that the whole hynerian thing was finally resolved. I’ve always wanted to see Rygel’s home and his homecoming. However, it’s wasn’t really surprising but rather standard Farscape fare, featuring even the return of one hard-to-get-rid of old foe in black leather.

On the whole, I enjoyed the comic. The characters sounded like themselves, bickering and cracking jokes at inappropriate moments. John and Aeryn even had a short discussion about who should go down and rescue the others which was so in character and hilarious. Pretty much the only thing I didn’t like was how indecisive and, well, helpless Aeryn was with Deke.

Recommended for the fans of the show. The characters aren’t introduced at all, so a new reader is likely to be rather confused.