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Okay, show of hands … who has read Shakespeare OUTSIDE of school required reading? Do you watch the plays? How about movies? Do you love him? Think he’s overrated?

Raises hand. Of course I live in Finland so Shakespeare has never been required reading for me. We read Kalevala. Out loud. In the original rhymes. I’ve never read that after school. Also “gritty realism” books about teenagers who live in the capital, do drugs and crimes. I’ve never read those after school either.

Shakespeare’s plays aren’t shown much, either. I’ve managed to see Hamlet here in Finland and one other play years ago when I was in Britain. I think I’ve watched all of Branagh’s movies and a couple of others. I’ve also seen Shakespeare in love and read a couple of fiction books where he’s a character.

I like his plays and the movies made from them. Overrated? I don’t know.