13 episodes and two of them are two-parters so 15 episodes in total.

Episodes: Herne’s son part 1 and 2, The Power of Albion, The Inheritance, The Cross of St. Cirius, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Cromm Curac, The Betrayal, Adam Bell, The Pretender, Rutterkin, The Time of the Wolf part 1 and 2.

Robin of Loxley is dead. But Herne the Hunter needs a son who will give the people hope, so he chooses Robert, the only son of the Earl of Huntingdon. However, Robert doesn’t want that responsibility, even though he can see the oppression and injustice all around him. He rejects Herne’s calling and returns to his father’s castle. Robert’s life isn’t ideal, either; his father looks down on him.

The series picks up after a year of Robin’s death. Marion has been pardoned but the others are still outlaws and have scattered around. When Marion is kidnapped, Robert gathers the Merry Men and they rescue her from Lord Owen of Clun. Owen has a magician who can use real magic and he’s the Merry Men’s antagonist in two other episodes’ too.

When I first watched this, I really resented Praed having left the show, so poor Robert never even had a chance to win me over. Robert was romancing Marion which was double aggravating. Now, I don’t resent the change quite so much, but I still think that Jason Connery just isn’t as charismatic. Even so, the Herne’s Son double feature is one of my favorite episodes; Robert tracks down almost all of the male Merry Men (except Nasir) and fights with them in order to convince them that he’s capable of leading them. Apparently, to outwit the sheriff, a leader needs to be good at swimming, staff fighting, and fisticuffs. 🙂 I really enjoyed the depressed Merry Men and the way Will fought against Robert and half the town was epic. Oh, and that sheriff of the town where Will was staying! And his cousin Ambrose. However, Robert will never be Robin to me.

This season used one of my favorite tropes: forcing enemies to work together and no less than three times! In “the Sheriff of Nottingham”, the king has grown tired of the Sheriff’s inability to capture the famous wolfheads and appoints an even worse man as Sheriff. The Sheriff we love to hate is dismissed in disgrace and he has to ask Robert and his band for help. In “Adam Bell” the famous outlaw has kidnapped the Sheriff’s young nephew and the Sheriff thinks that an outlaw is the best one to outwit another outlaw. And in “The Pretender”, the Sheriff finds out about a plot against their new Queen and Robert is the only man who could stop it. Granted, they don’t go out and adventure together, (except in “the Sheriff of Nottingham”!), and they hardly have a cordial relationship after each episode – if anything, after “Adam Bell” they have more reason to hate each other.

I also enjoyed “the Power of Albion” where Robert uses the fact that nobody knows yet that he’s the new Hooded Man and just walks into Nottingham.

I really enjoyed this season, too. The ensemble cast is still fantastic and the writing is just as good as in the previous season. I can’t think of an episode I wouldn’t gladly rewatch. My least favorite subplot was the Robert/Marion romance and that was pretty understated. No doubt, part of the reason I enjoyed this show so much was that they had just a handful of episodes so there was no room for filler… but I still long for that alternate universe were we got that final fourth season.