Collects Ms Marvel vol. 2 # 31-34, Annual, and Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller

Writer: Brian Reed
Artists: Marcos Marz, Paulo Sigueira, Amilton Santos, Adriana Melo, Mariah Benes, Greg Horn, Mark Robinson, Mark Irwin, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Lorenzo Ruggiero

The collection starts with a more intimate issue. Carol’s brother has sent her a message telling her that their father is gravely ill, so Carol returns to her family. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any feelings for them because Rogue took them away along with her memories of her family. Professor X helped her to recover most of her early memories but her feelings haven’t returned and that’s a tough situation to everyone. Carol’s mother doesn’t understand at all.

Then we got a three part story which dwells into Carol’s past as a secret agent. I’m very interested in this part of her past so I mostly enjoyed the story. Carol reminisces about her last mission as a pilot, before she became an agent for USA AF Special Operations. She test pilots one of Tony’s planes which is supposed to be invisible for radar. Unfortunately, she’s noticed and shot down in Afghanistan. She ends up in the hands of Ghazi Rashid who tortures her for information which she doesn’t have. Even with a broken leg and arm and several fingernails torn from her fingers, she’s able to escape and she meets Michael Rossi, her lover-to-be. However, during her escape she managed to get information from Rashid’s computers and knows that Rashid is working with the CIA, so she doesn’t know whom to trust. Carol in this story is younger and doesn’t yet have her powers. But she’s a kick-ass character, the competent woman I’ve been hoping for. The torture scenes were quite gruesome for a super hero comic, though. I’m grateful that she wasn’t raped.

Carol and two of her long-time acquaintances realize that the weapon Rashid was looking for back then is now being used by the bad guys and they want to stop it so we get secret agent stuff in the present, too. Unfortunately, the connection between past and present felt a little disjointed. I also wasn’t clear on why Carol couldn’t use her powers in issue 34 and had to seek help from Spider-Man. Apparently, she’s on the run from the Avengers because Norman Osborn leads them now and Carol doesn’t want to work for him. I think that was covered in one of the main Avengers comics, but not here. The story continues in the next collection.

In the Annual, Carol and Spider-Man join forces to defeat robots. First though, Ms. Marvel is chasing Spider-Man because he isn’t registered even though he’s an Avenger. In the middle of their fight, they notice that a group of robots are scaring people and they break off their fight to punch the robots. Things are a bit more complicated than that, though, and the story line continues in the spy issues. A fun bit of team up.

In Storyteller the boy Gavin, who was introduced in the first Ms. Marvel issue, returns. He was created by AIM as a way to duplicate the Scarlet Witch’s reality altering powers. Gavin can tell a story and it changes into reality. He’s also a young boy and wants to have fun. He seems to have had a pretty miserable life, so I can’t blame him. However, he essentially kidnaps his only friend which is bad, of course. The poor boy is terrified and misses his parents but Gavin doesn’t even notice until Carol points it out.

Artwise, the collection is a mixed bag. I like the art in the regular issues but the artists in the Annual and Special use a noticeably different styles, more sketchy.

This is very much a start of a storyline which continues in the next collection. The stories also require knowledge of Carol’s past, which I quite enjoyed but it’s not a good place to start the series.