Today the topic of Top Ten Tuesdays is Top Ten TV shows or Movies. I chose Comedy series.

I really like comedies but I actually rarely go to a movie theater to see them and most of the comedy movies I watch on TV just aren’t that good. But luckily I have several favorite comedy shows.

1, As Time Goes By
This is a British series starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. I just love them as the basic couple and some of the side characters were hilarious, too. Such as Palmer’s character’s father and the father’s new USAian wife and their grim housekeeper. The series ran from 1992 to 2002.

2, Coupling
Another British comedy series, but not quite as old. Again, the characters are marvelous, even though their humor is often meaner than in As Time Goes By.

3, Black Books
Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) owns his own bookshop. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any business sense and even less common sense. Finnish broadcasting company showed it for a month on their website last year and I found some of the episodes even funnier than when I first saw them.

4, Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister
If you haven’t seen these two shows, do yourself a favor and watch them. Then you can wonder with the rest of us how governments can work at all.

5, Fawlty Towers
Another great British comedy starring John Cleese. I think the clip of Cleese’s character beating his car with a branch is widely viewed on YouTube.

6, Jeeves and Wooster
I love Wodehouse’s books and I think that this show captures the books very well.

7, Monty Python
Of course, the daddy of all comedies.

8, Northern Exposure
This quirky show set in a small town in Alaska had also great characters and interaction.

9, Alas Smith and Jones
Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones were a great team in this show.

10, A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Another Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry comedy series but so different from Jeeves and Wooster that I felt I could include it.