Collects Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #11-17.

Writer: Brian Reed
Artists: Roberto De La Torre, Aaron Lopresti , Matt Ryan

The first two issues deal with the Doomsday Man, an old Avengers villain. It turns out that AIM had secured him and taken him to a lab to study. He escapes and lures Carol to a trap in the lab. AIM has also undead creatures, the Targoth, and the Doomsday Man uses them to attack Carol. They touch changes people to Targoth. In the middle of the fight, Carol loses consciousness and when she comes to, she hears some strange people talking about healing her. And she healed. However, during the fight, Carol’s young sidekick Arana is wounded and Arana’s father files a restraining order against Carol.

As a side plot, Carol has a lovely date with her love interest William.

In issue 12 Carol is determined to make up her past mistakes. When Iron Man asks her to lead the Avengers, she accepts but only if she gets her own SHIELD team, Operation Lighting Storm. The team’s stated goal is the take care of threats before they come so huge that Avengers need to get involved. Wonder Man is also part of the team along with three SHIELD agents. However, their first order of business is to locate Julia Carpenter and reunite her with her daughter. But Julia is looking for her, too, and thinks that Carol’s people have Rachel. So she tries to intimidate Carol’s side kick Anya. However, Anya manages to defeat Julia. Despite Carol’s misgivings, Anya wants to help and train.

Even though Carol helps Julia find her daughter, it’s clear that Julia won’t forgive her, or Simon for that matter.

Next, the group tackles AIM and MODOK. Apparently, AIM has some sever internal friction and is in danger of splintering. There are at least three groups who want to become AIM’s next leader. Also, MODOK is sick and is trying to conceal it from his underlings. Carol and her gang get information that AIM is trying to build a DNA bomb. They attack the group with the bomb. However, Carol is lured away with the bomb and meanwhile, MODOK mind blasts Simon, controlling him. MODOK orders Simon to attack Carol. While they fight, the rest of Carol’s team is in trouble against a horde of AIM goons.

Carol’s three SHIELD operatives seemed interesting but we barely got to know them. In fact, I feel that we know far more about the main enemy, MODOK’s scheming son. He will appear later, too.

Carol’s agents were Sum, a mystery man whose specialty wasn’t told to us, Baines is a technology expert, and Locke is a psionic specialist. Maria Hill also resents Carol because she can just make a deal with Tony and get her own minicarrier and staff. Hill even hinted that Carol was sleeping with Tony.

Two sub plots continue: Carol is again severely injured and something or someone strange heals her while her skin turns blue. Also, her love interest William is apparently hiding his true identity and Carol’s publicist blackmails him into leaving. And the dreaded romance triangle with Simon is making itself known.

Once again, Carol sets out with good intentions and they don’t work out like she expected. Her team is scattered and she takes it personally. But she’s determined to be better and do better.

Overall, this an enjoyable read and more realistic than some comics. Carol’s victories are far from absolute and while her powers (and the mysterious helper) keeps her from being too injured, the people around her aren’t so lucky. Yet, she’s determined to do the right thing and be a hero.