Collects Ms Marvel vol. 2 #6-10 and Ms. Marvel Special.

Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Robert de la Torre, Mike Wieringo

The first three issues are tie-ins for Civil War. Carol registered and is loyally following Iron Man’s commands. She and Wonder Man are working as Iron Man’s enforcers; they are sent to round up super humans who are using their powers or gadgets illegally. Many of the illegals resent Ms. Marvel of arresting them because they just want to help people, so things are cut-and-dry to begin with.

However, things get more complicated when Arachne, Julia Carpenter, turns out to be working against them while pretending to work with them. She’s warning the illegals whenever she can about Ms. Marvel’s group coming to arrest them. When Julia’s cover is blown, she and her lover Shroud become fugitives.

Then Carol and Simon are sent to talk to a new underage super hero, Anya Corazon aka Arana who has a carapace which hides her face. At first Anya’s father is strongly against Anya registering but she wants to help people and get training. Then SHIELD locates Julia. It turns out that she’s going to get her daughter before fleeing the country (duh). Thing’s get really ugly when Carol’s team goes the Julia’s parents’ house and Julia is literally dragged screaming away right in front of her young daughter. Not surprisingly, this upsets Anya and Carol is starting to get doubts about working for Tony.

These issues explore the difference of what is legal and what is right. The registration law gives ample opportunity for that. I enjoyed Carol’s role here and that she started to doubt what she was doing. I also enjoyed the camaraderie between Carol and Simon, although I smell a start of a romance. (I read these when they first came out but I don’t remember if their relationship went any further than casual flirting. For the record, I much prefer a friendship than another failed romance attempt.) However, in the next story we’re introduced to William Wagner who is Carol’s designated love interest.

The next issue starts with Rogue in Carol’s apartment asking her why she had attacked Rogue. Carol hasn’t done that and it turns out that a Carol from an alternate universe is responible. Carol has to face her real feelings towards Rogue. Personally, I feel that Carol would have been more than justified if she never forgave Rogue or punched her lights out every time their met. Rogue not only absorbed Carol’s powers permanently but also Carol’s memories and that’s unforgivable. Of course, Carol is a hero and the fact that she was able to move on and treat Rogue even in a friendly manner is a testament to her character.

The issue ends with Carol deciding to face the consequences of her actions. This decision will, of course, cost her. Anya will become a recurring side kick character and I like her. She’s a spirited kid who wants to help people. She’s just turning 16 so she has strong opinions and makes mistakes. She even has a side kick of her own: her father who is trying to protect her. She also doesn’t hog the spotlight from Carol. On the other hand, she will be hurt just to teach Carol some lessons.

I enjoyed this collection more than the first one because the stories felt more connected to Carol and her long history specifically.

I don’t have Ms. Marvel special and it’s not in Marvel Unlimited.