Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Olivier Coipel

This an alternate universe story which was advertised as the biggest event in Marvel near history and led to the big event: “No more mutants”.

The story starts with Scarlet Witch seeing a memory/dream about giving birth to her twins and Professor X reminding her that they aren’t real. (by the way, this retcon was one of the stupidest thing ever! Grr!) Xavier and Magneto are keeping her in destroyed Genosha because her powers are too strong and they’re driving her mad. Apparently, she attacked the other Avengers and killed some of them and now she’s confined and Xavier and Dr. Strange are trying to cure her but without results. In New York, X-Men and Avengers are meeting to decide what they should do with her. Emma is trying to convince the others that she should be killed, but Cap is against it. In the end, they decide to see her first and head out to Genosha. However, Wanda is gone.

Then the world changes. It’s a world where mutants aren’t hunted. However, that means that the mutants are the dominant species, rather than humans. And Magneto and his family (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Polaris) are the rulers of mutants, as the House of M.

Many of our heroes have gotten what they want. Peter is married to Gwen and they have a son. Allison Blaire’s one of the most popular TV-show hosts ever and Simon is a famous actor. Carol is the most celebrated heroine in US even though she’s not a mutant. Scott and Emma live together as ordinary people. Ororo is a princess. And mutants can live openly without fear. On the other hand, the Fantastic Four are dead leaving little Franklin an orphan and Remy is a small-time car thief, so not everyone got their dreams come true.

Wolverine also got what he most wished for: his memory back. However, that also means that he knows the true history and that it has been changed. He leads the House of M’s security forces and Mystique is his lover. But we don’t get to see much of his life because almost immediately he decides to run for his life and look for other heroes to fight against House of M.

The series has plenty of action and especially hero against hero fights. It’s fast-paced and entertaining. It also has some interesting ideas, but none of them are explored fully. Instead, the story rushes from one fight scene to the other. We get to see that the heroes are changed but not really know much about them before they’re made aware of the change and they’re back to their regular selves. This is a shame because I love alternate universes and alternate versions of characters I know well. However, I believe we get to know more about this history and characters in the sister series, like House of M: Avengers.

But I most disliked about the series was Wanda’s use as nothing more than a plot device. She’s now incredibly powerful but really unstable. I also wasn’t too wild about the new character who had the convenient powers to solve the biggest problem in the series. And yes, I know she’s supposed to be there but she was still way too convenient.

Even though this reality is better for some people, there’s no question about letting it exist. Spider-Woman is the only one to even question the combined heroes’ decision to combat Magneto in order to change reality back to the original way. At some point it was claimed that this was Xavier’s dream come true but here mutants stomp down on humans in order to thrive. This isn’t the peaceful co-existence that Xavier envisioned. More like Magneto’s dream come true.