This year’s Once Upon a Time event is over.

I managed to read almost all of the books I was planning to:

1, A. M. Dellamonica: Blue Magic
2, A. Lee Martinez: Too Many Curses
3, Tanya Huff: Blood Bank
4, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Five Diverse Detectives
5, A. Lee Martinez: Monster
6, Terry Pratchett: Night Watch
7, Tanya Huff: Blood Debt

Blue Magic was good but not quite as good as the first book, Indigo Springs, although I freely admit that I should have read Blue Magic as soon as possible. Maybe I will reread them back to back.
Prachett was, of course, as delightful as ever and I had do get my Rusch fix. 🙂 She’s currently working on several books which will finish off the Retrieval Artist series. I’m happily waiting for them. (Another reread seems likely.)

But my favorite thing during this challenge was Robin of Sherwood rewatch. I loved this series back when it came out in 1980s. Luckily, Finnish TV chose to air them quite soon. Happily, the series has aged well and it was a treat to return to these characters. I’m currently rewatching the third season.

Robin of Sherwood: season 1
Robin of Sherwood: season 2