A stand-alone humorous fantasy book.

Publication year: 2009
Format: Audio
Narrator: Eric Michael Summerer
Running Time: 8 hrs, 37 m

Judy Hynes works the night shift in the local Food Plus Mart. She knows that it’s a dead end job but it’s still a job. Then she sees a yeti eating the ice cream. She doesn’t know what else to do, so she calls Animal Control. To her surprise, they take her seriously and send a guy. A blue guy whose name is Monster and his helper, the live paper gnome named Chester. Judy takes this all in stride and even notices herself that she’s surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Monster tells her about the supernatural world and says that she will forget it very soon. She doubts it but she has forgotten the whole thing next morning and it would have stayed forgotten except that the next day, she has an infestation of trolls. Repeated exposure to the supernatural means that she starts to remember it. And she realizes that she could get a better job in the supernatural world.

Despite his coloring which changes every time he wakes up, Monster is human. He even wallows in self-pity, because he has a crappy job as an animal control agent for crypto-biological animals. His girlfriend Liz is a succubus and the fire has definitely gone out of their relationship but because of the contract Monster signed when he summoned Liz from hell, he can’t break up with her. So, Monster is forced to endure such hard ships as daily sex, picking up Liz’s dry cleaning at inconvenient times, and screaming fits coupled with scorched carpets. The last thing he wants is to have a human tagging along, eager to learn everything. But his van was ruined and he needs Judy to drive him around, so he doesn’t really have a choice. And he’s convinced that something strange happens around Judy.

The book has a lot of humorous elements but for me it never got as laugh-out loud funny as the first Martinez book I read, Emperor Mollusk. It’s still a good blend of various fantasy and urban fantasy stuff. The writing doesn’t really have puns, so it’s quite different from Pratchett’s style.