A collection of short stories.

Publication year: 2006
Format: print
Page count: 390
Publisher: Daw

This book is the second half of the third collected Blood books. It has nine fun short stories about Vicki and her friends. They are set after Vicki’s transformation but she’s already gotten used to her new life, mostly. Six of them star Vicki and Mike Celluci. They’re quite funny and have a lot of their banter.

In ”This Town Isn’t Big Enough” Vicki returns to Toronto, only to find that another vampire is hunting in ”her” city. Unfortunately, the other vampire is also a lot older than Vicki and more powerful.

In ”The Cards Also Say” a Romani fortune teller warns Vicki that someone is hunting her.

In ”The Vengeful Spirit of Nepeakea” Vicki is hired to find out who vandalized a real estate agent’s car. Which is parked next to Lake Nepeakea, in forest. Both Vicki and Mike are very much city people which makes this otherwise a bit shallow story funny.

In ”Another Fine Nest” Vicki finds out that giant bugs are infesting Toronto’s subway system.

”Critical Analysis” is a locked door mystery. Sort of.

And finally Vicki is confronted by the three ghosts of Christmas in “So This Is Christmas” .

The rest are about Henry, the four hundred year old vampire.
”What Manner of Man” is set in England, in Henry’s past. He finds out that a spy is selling state secrets to France… and Henry realizes that he still thinks of himself as an Englishman and also an English Prince.

In “Someone to Share the Night” he’s looking for company. He misses Vicki terribly but can’t find anyone to fill that hole in his life, so he puts an ad into the paper. That gives a very… interesting result.

“Sceleratus” is a much darker tale where Henry confronts the Spanish Inquisition.