Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Lee Bermejo
Publisher: DC

This is one of Rorschach’s earlier cases and the comic is very violent. He already has a dark reputation but he isn’t yet as psychotic as he will be. He hates the city but at the same time, he’s driven to protect the people in it. The story is told through Rorschach’s journal entries and dialog. He is hunting Rawhead, the leader of a gang who does prostitution and drugs, but he also strikes up a friendship with a waitress in a diner where he frequents. When he’s hunting down leads and fighting just one man at the time, he clearly knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, against more than one opponent, he isn’t so good. Twice he’s beaten until he’s almost dead but manages to escape, mostly through his enemies’ arrogance. This is, of course, very realistic for a man without any superpowers.

The story starts with the shocking image of a serial killer carving up his prey. However, the killer is just a sub plot. The killer, nick-named Bard, carves into his victims his idea that the city is a terrible place, echoing Rorschah’s thoughts in his journal.

This can be a depressing comic; people are either lazy and stupid or down right evil, and there are no heroes.

The artwork is very realistic and I think it’s close to Gibbons’ work in the original comic. Great!