Writer: Len Wein
Artist: Jae Lee, John Higgins, Steve Rude
Publisher: DC

The Ozymandias part of this collection was better than the pirate story. It’s Adrian’s story from early childhood to the start of the Watchmen story. In fact, Adrian Weidt is narrating his life just in his Karnak base. In this story he’s obsessed with Alexander the Great instead of Ramses. He was bullied in school and he learned to fight in order to strike back to his tormentors. The teachers did nothing about the bullying but when Adrian struck back, he would have been expelled if his father hadn’t donated a lot of money to the school. Adrian learned that day not to keep his smarts a secret and instead breezed through school. After that he gave away his inheritance and built his own business empire.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing really new or revolutionary about the story. It’s a quick read and the art is gorgeous. But even the art underlines his arrogance and superiority complex. We also don’t get any tips about how to build our own business empire. 🙂

The Curse of the Crimson Corsair seems to be only tangentially related to Watchmen. In the original graphic novel, one of the side characters was reading a pirate horror comic. This is a pirate horror comic full of curses, undead, and the awful evil men do to each other. The art is again very nice but I’m not a fan of horror so it was perhaps a mistake to read this one right before going to sleep. It’s the story of a Scottish midshipman, Gordon McClachlan who made the mistake of get a job from a cruel captain and after a Naval battle finds himself aboard the Flying Dutchman. The Dutchman’s captain, the Crimson Corsair, offers Gordon a deal so that he might save his soul. That’s just beginning of his ordeal.

The final comic is the story of the Dollar Bill. This feels like classic superhero story and is quite different in mood from the other two. Just like the majority of the superheroes in Watchmen, Dollar Bill doesn’t have any superpowers. He doesn’t even want to be hero at first.

I ended up enjoying the last story the most.