Booking Through Thursday

Do you have a favorite book? What do you say when people ask you? (This question always flummoxes me because how can you pick just one, so I’m eager to hear what you folks have to say.)

And, has your favorite book changed over the years??

I have several favorite books. In fact, if someone asks me to name just one favorite writer or book I tend to say “So, you don’t read a lot?” I can’t even pick one favorite book by a favorite author. Or I could ask “how much time do you have?” or “in which genre?”

Some of my favorite authors: Lois McMaster Bujold, Steven Brust, Elizabeth Bear, Elizabeth Peters, Liz Williams, Neil Gaiman, Anne Logston, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, C. J. Cherryh… and I haven’t even started on comics yet.

Yes, my favorites have changed quite a lot. When I was young, I loved the Famous Five and the Black Stallion. Then I discovered fantasy and SF but my favorite author isn’t R. A. Salvatore anymore.

Then again, I have similar trouble picking one favorite movie or TV-show.