Collects World’s Finest 1-3, a miniseries.

Writer: Dave Gibbons
Artists: Steve Rude, Karl Kesel
Publisher: DC
Publication year: 1992

This team-up comic was done in the 1990s when Batman and Superman were uneasy allies rather than friends. Rude does a great job here drawing out their differences: Batman moves mostly during the night and furtively, and his face is in shadow while Superman lives in the light of day and moves about openly. Also, shining Metropolis and dark Gotham are drawn quite differently. Rude is in great form here and I loved the artwork. I especially enjoyed the starting pages without any text or dialog, and the scenes in the orphanage where the cast of Bat and Supes secondary characters get to interact.

Unfortunately, the story is a bit confused. The story starts in Midway orphanage which is in the middle point between Gotham and Metropolis. Apparently it was run by a man who used the orphans as his private criminal organization, Byron Wyle. Wyle was an old man and apparently very near his death he regretted his crimes and wanted to build something better for kids. People from both cities have been invited to hear about that, among them Bruce Wayne, commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane. However, something fishy is going on in the orphanage, of course.

Meanwhile, the Joker has decided to terrorize Metropolis for a while and Luthor has moved in on Gotham. This makes our heroes nervous and they decide to switch cities for a while, each going after his own arch nemesis. I actually liked the art again here, showing how out of place Batman is in Metropolis and Superman in Gotham. But Superman unable to deal with the Joker? Oh, please! The rationale for the switch was laughable.

I also quite enjoyed the character interactions but the plot line wasn’t always clear.
Overall, a bit uneven series.