Publication year: 2006
Format: Audio
Narrator: Wil Wheaton
Running Time: 10 hr, 34 m

A light and fun read. In fact, I loved the first half of the book, especially the start which was almost hysterically funny.

Farting starts an interstellar incident between humans and the Nidu, who are aliens with an incredibly sensitive noses. Their elite people have even developed a language based on smells. And so during a conference the Earth trade representative farts deadly insults to the Nidu trade representative. Both keel over dead and Earth is in deadly danger from the Nidu. You see, Earth is powerless against pretty much all of the alien governments who are part of the Common Confederation. However, the Nidu give Earth one last chance: they have to produce in one week a sheep from a rare, genetically engineered breed called the Android’s Dream.

The job of finding even one sheep is given to Harry Creek, a former solder and current problem solver who has some pretty intense personal history with the Nidu. Unfortunately, a group of anti-Nidu people is trying their best to wipe out all of the sheep first. It turns out that there’s only one Android’s Dream sheep around and she’s Robin Baker, a human/sheep hybrid.

In addition to humor, Scalzi also offers up ironic potshots on religion, middle-management, incompetence, and other subjects. And there’s also an AI or two. I really enjoyed the Church of the Evolved Lamb. All of its adherents know that it’s based on made-up prophecies but they still try to make them come true.

I really enjoyed the book and Wheaton’s performance is spot-on.