This is a new science fiction thriller show from Canada. It’s available to Finns through the Finnish Broadcast company’s net pages (Yle Areena) until the end of January, so for a couple of more days. The first season has 10 episodes.

The main character is Sarah Manning who is an absent mother and involved with a drug-dealer. She’s used to running cons and has left her daughter Kira to her own foster mother. The show starts when Sarah sees a woman who looks exactly like her. Moments later, the double throws herself under a train and is killed. Sarah grabs her bag and looks through it. She notices that the double has a lot of money in the bank and so she decides to impersonate the woman until she can steal that money. Quickly, Sarah realizes that she has taken on more than she can chew: in turns out that the double, Elizabeth Child, is a cop and that both Sarah and Elizabeth are clones. And someone is hunting them.

I really enjoyed this show. It has action, plot twists, and humor. Often the humor is quite black and Sarah’s former boyfriend grew (to me at least) from a quite a frightening character to a tragi-comical one. However, the strongest draw to me are, again, the characters. Sarah’s actress does also all of the other clones and she’s (and the writers) are excellent at keeping them apart from each other. One clone is a cop, one a con-woman, one is a scientist, one a homicidal killer…

I also really liked the cast of characters. Sarah has a foster brother, Felix, who brings some comedic elements: he’s a struggling artist but apparently also works as a prostitute. He’s gay and not shy about it. He’s also very loyal to his family and protective of Sarah.

Mrs. S is Felix and Sarah’s foster mother who is now raising little Kira because Sarah hasn’t been able to. Mrs. S loves Sarah but she also loves Kira and is trying to protect Kira from the worst parts of Sarah’s life.

The various clones have also different personalities and they quite different from each other so it seems to me that the show suggest that nurture is more important than nature (identical genes in this case). Sarah also becomes very competent very quickly. Of course, otherwise she would be dead.

The show raises questions about identity and what makes a human.