I got this from the local library, much to my surprise, and was hooked. SGU has lots of elements in common with Galactica (the new one) so in retrospect it wasn’t strange that I really liked it.

SGU has lots of elements which I like and some which I don’t care for but the good outweighs the bad. I’m anxious to see the second season but it’s not in the library system and currently I don’t have extra 50 euros to spend on it.

Good things:
The premise: this is a lot like Galactica: a random group of people are flung together and sent to an Ancient spaceship billions of light years away. They have to survive together. Whee!
In the recent years, I’ve started to really like groups of disparate people flung together in order to survive (like Walking Dead). It’s rife for all sort of conflict and tension, and here it’s done right.

The conflicts between the main characters: the main conflict is of course between the Dr House (or Holmes) like abrasive Rusch and the military leader Colonel Young. There’s also conflict between Young and the civilian leader Camile Wray, although this isn’t seen as often. Also, the rest of the cast aren’t each others’ best friends.

Exploration: of the ship, the universe, and various planets. In fact, I’d like them to explore the ship quite a bit more. They did explain that it was damaged and so inaccessible but still.

The communication stones: I loved this concept that they have a way to “visit” Earth but in other people’s bodies. I was expecting that they would do some drama with that and so they did. (Even when your billions of light years away, you can apparently still screw up your marriage…) Yet, I’ve like most of the stuff, like Eli visiting his mother or the episode with a disabled scientist. And also they can send experts into the ship but not stuff.

Camila Wray: She’s tough and capable but she’s not military; her expertize is in other matters. I also really like her back story; she’s in a stable same-sex relationship.

Continuous story lines.

And truthfully, I was a kind of relieved that they didn’t make a big deal about the fact that the characters don’t have any change of clothing available. 🙂 Same with the caffeine and tobacco addictions.

Stuff I wasn’t so wild about
Eli: he seems like a personification of the preferred viewership. I get that we need a new person in the show who is asking about stuff which new viewers don’t know. Still, do we really need yet another white, straight man for this? Someone who is apparently more intelligent than the resident genius? Bah.

Focus on the military: except for Eli and Rusch, all the main characters are military. Sigh. In fact…

Most of the crew are apparently just waiting to be rescued: Really? Isn’t there anything useful they could be doing? T.J. could be training a couple of civilians to help her out, at least.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this show and it’s a shame it got canceled.