Publication year: 2013
Format: ebook
Page count: 155

Snow White and Charming have been married for thirty years but then Charming dies. Snow White’s heart breakes and she can’t even look at her only child because she resembles Charming too much. A year later her daughter Raven is getting married but Snow refuses to even talk with her. Then one day, Snow searches for solitude and climbs into the tower where her stepmother used to live. Snow sees the magic mirror and has to confront her whole life because the mirror shows only what is already inside the person looking into it. Snow thinks of herself as weak, always needing Charming to defend her or to make things right. But is that true?

This is a short novel and explores grief, losing a romantic partner. But it also follows Snow’ life, from the early happy years to abuse at the hands of her stepmother, and beyond. In fact, the start of the story is pretty grim.

Snow is a well-rounded character but all of the others remain more one-dimensional. Even Charming is less well defined. In fact, he is sometimes seen in less than flattering light even though Snow doesn’t think so. He’s also quite a bit older than she; when they meet she’s 16 and he’s 30. We get to see something of the world around her, too, but that’s, of course, limited to her point-of-view.

Even though this is a fairy tale retelling, it’s not suitable for children because it has violence and one explicit sex scene.

The author gave me a ecopy in exchange of an honest review.