I saw 23 movies in the theater last year, some of them more than once. Overall, most of them were in the ”ok but nothing special” category. But the best were:

1, Gravity
I saw this in gorgeous 3D and I’m seriously considering seeing it again. Now this is the kind of space movie I’d love to see more of. There’s really no need to have enemies or shoot out battles in space. Space itself is already a pretty darn hard “adversary”.

2, Despicable me 2
The best animation (for me) this year. I’m notoriously adverse to the (meeting and courtship) romance storyline but I really loved the movie.

3, Thor 2
So I like comics. And I like action movies with four (count them: Sif, Frigga, Jane, Darcy) women with names and speaking parts. And the heroine coming to the final confrontation in rubber boots!

4, Iron Man 3
This turned out to be quite different than what I had expected. But definitely in a good way.

5, Hunger Games 2
I’ve only read the first book in the series and have no plans to read the rest. So, it was quite surprising that I liked the movie a lot.

6, Hobbit 2
Smaug! (and Legolas…I’m a hetero woman, what do you expect :))

7, Cloud Atlas
Another surprise. It has lots of intertwining storylines and I enjoyed all of them. I also really, really liked that the same actors were used in different roles and different make-up/cloths. I intend to read the book this year.

A bit surprisingly, there were more than a few movies which sounded great at first but which I didn’t see after reading some reviews, such as Jack the Giant Killer and After Earth. I also didn’t see G. I. Joe 2 and based on the reviews, I made the right call there.