Collects Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War issues 1-4

Writers: Joshua Ortega, Eric Nylund
Artists: Nigel Raynor

This series explores the beginnings of the human/cylon hostility. It starts before the first Cylon war, 40 years before the beginning of the re-imagined TV-series. The series was written before the Final Five were revealed and has some continuity problems, such as showing Pegaus constructed at the same time as Galactica.

The series focuses on Ben Tanner and his robot Isak. At the start of the series, Ben is shown being a little uncomfortable around Isak but he starts to rely on Isak more and more as the story goes on. When Caprica and Sagittarion start a war over technology (the Sagittarions don’t want it – except for the big space ships to carry their trade goods) Ben joins the Academy and is soon aboard one of Caprica’s military space ships fighting the Sagittarions. However, the war is costly and Ben is commanded to find a way to make the robots fight it. The robots have been programmed not to kill humans, under any circumstances, and it turns out that it’s very hard to change that programming. In fact, nobody can do it until Isak has to save Ben from certain death by overriding his program and killing the soldiers who threaten Ben.

The series attempts to give answers to why the Cylons rebelled in the first place and also why they believe in one god. The story itself is entertaining if somewhat predictable.

I have some problems with the way that Isak just took a look at some of the Colonies’ religious symbols and was able to “deduce” that it all points to just one, all-powerful god instead of the many which the symbols are supposed to represent. Apparently he also deduced that humans must be killed… because humans are destroying creation itself. I’m sorry but what?? So, more death will save the universe?

I have a feeling that the story could have been better if it had been longer. Four issues is rather a short time to tell the story of the First Cylon war.