Rinn Reads is hosting Science Fiction month which has all sorts of awesome posts! Yesterday she listed Favorite Science Fiction Films.

Here’s my list:

1, Avengers
I allowed myself just one comic book movie on this list, so naturally its the Mighty Avengers. It’s got pretty much everything I want from a movie with an ensemble cast (although I would have wanted the team to be half women).

2, The Incredibles
So, okay, there’s one animation and one live-action superhero movie on the list. 🙂 It was an agonizing choice between the Incredibles and Megamind, but the animated superhero family wins this time.

3, Terminator 2 – Judgment day
Yup, I’m a fan of the Terminator franchise, despite the existence of movies 3 and 4.

4, Star Wars IV, V, and VI
I can’t really separate these. Each of them have stuff I love and stuff I really don’t care for. Classics.

5, Gravity
I’ve seen it just once but it’s such a gorgeous movie.

6, Gattaca
Not an action film but far more realistic one and the premise might even come true: that people are assigned work and life based on their genes.

7, Alien
Another classic.

8, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
A small and underrated movie which is a lot of fun.

9, Back to the Future
Another film series which I enjoy rewatching. My favorites are the first and the third movie.

10, Star Trek: First Contact
Of course, I have to give a nod to one of my favorite franchises. I don’t think any of the Trek movies are as good as the best episodes, but First Contact is the best of the bunch for me.