Collects X-Men vol 3 issues12-15 and Giant X-Men 1

Writer: Christopher Yost
Artists: Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Dalabor Talajic

This is an interesting attempt to retcon new villains into the X-Men continuity. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it, either, which is a good thing because I usually end up hating the retcons. Sadly, it ended up being more of an “meh”.

Scott is the main view point character in this story and we see a most of the plot through his eyes.

He wakes up in the Utopia island with Emma but dreaming of Jean. It turns out that a group of Neo has attacked the island and Emma is so “worried about Scott’s blood pressure” that she doesn’t want him to know. But of course Scott runs out to join the fray. The Neo are holding their own against Magneto, Storm, and Namor so they are an actual threat against the combined mutants on the island. Then Scott has a sort of seizure and remembers things about his past which have been suppressed. When the original X-Men fought Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, they were interrupted by three armored beings calling themselves the Evolutionaries. They offer to kill of all humans everywhere in order to protect the mutants and ensure that their mutation will continue. Apparently (Avengers Forever notwithstanding) the humans are an evolutionary dead-end and need to be wiped out. When the Evolutionaries offer this to Charles Xavier, he’s horrified, of course. Then we get back to “now”.

One Evolutionary appears with sidekicks.. He declares the Neo a threat to the survival of Homo Superior and kills them all. Everywhere. Cyclops protests and Evolutionary turns against him, claiming that he isn’t fit to lead mutants. Fighting starts and Scott remembers more and more about his past dealings with the Evolutionaries.

The Evolutionaries are searching for the one man who leads all of mutantkind. This seems mightly weird because humans have never had that sort of leader. So why should mutants have? They’re also extremely powerful but they only want to use their power in an extreme way, so it’s very hard to negotiate with them.

We get to see the original X-Men is action when they talk about the Evolutionaries’ offer and fight them. We also see the original, evil Magneto, which is always fun. However, this didn’t really add anything new to the X-Men’s world.