Rinn Reads is hosting Science Fiction month which has all sorts of awesome posts! Yesterday she listed Top Five Sci-Fi Objects you wish were real .

Here’s my list:

1, Replicators
The replicators in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the other Star Trek series are something I really wish were real. And I don’t just mean food production, although that would be very cool too, but also clothing. I have a body which seems to be outside pretty much every norm the clothing industry can think of, so it would be awesome to just order clothing tailored to me.

2, Spaceships
From the Enterprise to Moya, they are some of my favorite things in sci-fi. With faster the light travel, please.

3, Lightsabers
Let’s face it, they’re pretty much the coolest thing ever.

4, Aliens
Hopefully not hostile ones, though.

5, Time travel
Used very, very carefully.