A new book in the Diving universe!

Publication year: 2013
Format: Audio
Narrator: Jennifer van Dyck
Running Time: 8 hrs 39 min

The story is split between the main character, “Boss” and Jonathan “Coop” Cooper. Boss is in the Bonyards, which seems to be a graveyard for star ships from the legendary Fleet. The star ships have the anacopa drives which is able to travel through fold space. Apparently they also have a cloak around them which has prevented the locals from looting them. Meanwhile, Coop is in his own star ship, the Ivoire, and is trying to defend Boss’ science station against the might of the Enterran Empire. The Empire want the anacopa drive technology and they’re also looking for revenge from a previous skirmish. The story is also divided between two time periods, now and four years ago when Coop encountered a group of Empire soldiers.

Coop and his shipmates were stranded 5000 years into the future when their anacopa drive malfunctioned. When they realized that they couldn’t get back, they tried to cope, each in their own ways. Some quit, some even killed themselves. But Coop and some of his crew remain aboard the Ivoire and work with Boss. Coop need to know what has happened to his old Fleet and he feels that ships in the Boneyard will have a lot of answers. But exactly because of his eagerness to find answers, Boss doesn’t want him there. So, Boss takes her own team to investigate the ships slowly and cautiously.

Four years ago, Coop realized that he and his group needed a mission in order to feel like they are doing something. Then he decided to go again to the Room of Lost Souls, as Boss calls the station where she first encountered a malfunctioning anacopa drive. It’s outside the regular space lanes but nominally in the hands of the Enterran Empire but Coop isn’t interested in the Empire at all, just taking the anacopa drive. Boss didn’t like the mission but she isn’t can’t order Coop or his crew. However, the mission becomes much more complicated when a group of soldiers come to the station.

We also get to know more about the people in the Enterran Empire. One the POV characters is an Enterran soldier, Elissa Trekov. It seems that the people in the Empire aren’t the evil monsters Boss and some of her people think they are.

This is another very enjoyable diving universe story. Boss and Coop are very different people and they clash occasionally. We get to know a bit more about the universe and more secrets are added. I would strongly recommend reading the previous books first, even though the book explains the major points.

Boss is again out of her element because she has to take in with her a larger group of people than she would have liked to. But on the other hand, she’s back to her first love, exploring ancient ships. This was a great combination.