A stand-alone science fiction book.

Publication year: 2013
Format: ebook

Gordon and Johnny are conjoined twins. They have only one body: Gordon controls his head, left hand and left arm, and Johnny controls his head and the right side. Of course, they have had to learn to live together and never expected things to be otherwise. Fortunately, they have a loving and supporting family. Their mother Ellen and their stepfather Frank have done everything they can for the boys. They’ve even shielded the boys from curious people, mostly tourists. The local people are used to them and treat them just like anyone else.

Gordon loves to play the violin and study history while Johnny is more impatient and competitive. But they’ve had to learn to compromise. They’re even dating the girl next door, Dodi, and she dreams of a future with both of them. Gordon is looking forward to that future, sharing everything with his brother but Johnny is a little frustrated because of their limitations. Yet, they are planning what they will study in collage because they have limited time and different interests.

Then one day, they hear about a new treatment method, TTC or Transplant to Clone, for people whose bodies has suffered severe damage. In the treatment, a clone body is grown for the damaged person and then his or her brain is surgically removed and planted into the clone. Almost instantly, Johnny knows that he wants to do just that, so that he would be able to live a normal life. But when Johnny suggests it, Gordon is horrified. He’s happy with their lives and doesn’t want to change it.

For Johnny to get a transplant, he has to go to court and battle his brother. The battle might tear apart the brothers, their family and friends. No matter what the outcome will be, how can they live with it?

Ms. Wyle has again written a very thoughtful and fascinating science fiction book. It explores personal choices which can affect others in a profound way and also what is normal and what’s not. Gordon, Johnny, and the other people feel very realistic to me. They each have their own goals and desires. Even though Johnny loves his brother, he yearns to be free to live his own life in a way that Gordon doesn’t. Dodi has never thought of the possibility that they could be separated. Her parents try to keep her away from the brothers when Dodi and the boys become teenagers.

With the court case, the brothers suddenly become interesting to the media which is a new experience for the family and offers another layer to the story.

The story is set in future but the family isn’t wealthy and so they don’t have significantly different technology than what we have today, except for the TTC, of course.