The fourth book in the series where Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are the main characters.

Publication year: 2011
Format: Audio
Narrator: Carol Monda
Running Time: 11 hrs

The story starts with a humorous episode, where Snow and Talia are hunting a couple of witch hunters who are in Lorendar’s capital. One of the with hunters is Hansel and the other is his sister. However, after that the tone of the book becomes far more serious because Queen Beatrice dies. The characters have know for a while that she’s dying but it still hits them hard. Snow has been preparing a spell which should keep the queen’s soul in this world. Unfortunately, the spell fails. Instead the magical mirror Snow has inherited from her cruel mother, breaks. Now Snow sees the world as it “truly” is: cruel and ugly, and everyone is really alone. She goes around the palace wounding others with the shards from the mirror and they begin to see the “true” world, too. Danielle’s husband Armand succumbs to this evil spell but their young son Jacob is able to resist it. Snow is intrigued by the boy and when she leaves for her home country Alessandria, she takes the three-year-old boy with her. But she leaves someone behind: a young woman who looks very much like Snow. She calls herself Gerta and claims that she used to be Snow’s imaginary sister but now Snow has made her real.

Danielle and Talia insist that they should go after Jacob and Snow, and they commandeer one of the Queen’s ships. Even though they don’t trust Gerta, she is their only link to Snow, and so they take her along.

Years ago, Snow’s mother Rose Curtana ruled Alessandria which is renowned for the number and quality of the magic-users it has. However, she was a cruel woman who wanted to kill even her own daughter. Snow fled and eventually she defeated her mother. But afterward Alessandria’s nobles found Snow guilty of murder and banished her. Now, Snow returns to her homeland and wants revenge.

I think Snow Queen’s Shadow is a worthy end to the series. Danielle and Talia are forced to fight against their dear friend and comrade in arms. They will also have to make hard decisions. Gerta is a new and mysterious character, and Danielle and Talia don’t know what to make of her. Gerta muses about her origin, and if she even is a real person. She seems to have a lot of Snow’s memories and so she knows Talia and Danielle but they don’t know her. That’s more than a little awkward.

Alessandria’s current king wants to defend his country but Danielle and Talia want to save their friend, no matter how powerful Snow’s enemies are.