Collects issues 1-6.

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quitely
Publication year: 2011

Batman is dead and hasn’t appeared in Gotham for about a month. However, Dick Grayson feels that it’s his duty to take over from Bruce and Bruce’s 10-year old son Damien takes over as Robin. So, once again Batman and Robin patrol Gotham City. The collection contains stories “Batman Reborn” and “Revenge of the Red Hood”.

The collection starts with a flying Batmobile which is, of course, very cool as Dick says. (“I’d have killed for a flying Batmobile when I was Robin.”) Unfortunately, the rest of the story wasn’t as cool. Dick is trying to teach Damian teamwork and how to be a “proper” Robin. Damian is arrogant and convinced that he knows everything there is to know and Dick is somewhat ambivalent about taking over as Batman. In fact, he might not have continued it without Alfred’s advice. Alfred was great! Dick’s and Damien’s personalities are quite different and their bickering is the highlight of the comic. I also admired Commissioner Gordon’s initial distrust towards the new Batman. Because, you know, he could be anyone under the mask.

But the villains! They are pretty bizarre, especially in the first story. Pyg is the main villain in the first story and even though he’s clearly mentally disturbed he could be a great Batvillain with his Dollotron’s and the Circus of Strange. However, the villains in the second story are very bloodthirsty and I don’t feel like they fit well among other Bat-villains. The Red Hood wants to kill criminals and does so with a lot of blood. Then, the mafiosos send their master killer to Gotham, a lobotomized former good guy called Flamingo. Now, I almost think we’re in Criminal Minds territory, not in Batman’s.

However, I enjoyed the collection in the end.