The third book in the Psi Corps series.

Publication year: 1999
Format: print
Page count: 257
Publisher: Boxtree

The book starts several years after the end of the B5 series. Bester is now a hunted criminal and the Psi Corps has been terminated but is has been replaced by somewhat similar organizations, one for hunting down the telepathic war criminals and one which seems to work with Earth police organizations. Bester has nothing but contempt for them.

The Psionic Monitoring Commission has sent several people after Bester, but Bester has trained most of them and is able to evade them. However, Bestar has been running for years around the galaxy and comes to the conclusion that it would be easier to hide on Earth, among billions of humans. So, he returns to Paris and promptly finds a small hotel owner who is in trouble with a local gang. At first Bester doesn’t care one whit about the hotel owner, Louise, and just wants to mess with the gang members and ends up helping Louise. However, he accepts Louise’s invitation to stay at the hotel and finds himself falling in love… with a mundane woman. Bester hides in the hotel using a false identity and ends up writing scathing book reviews for a local paper.

Meanwhile, Garibaldi is using his (or rather his wife’s) company’s great wealth trying to track down Bester. At first it looks like he isn’t going to succeed but then he gets information that Bester has a rare disease which only affects telepaths.

Frankly, I found this to be a disappointing ending to the series and to Bester. He has loathed and killed mundanes all of his life so I found it very hard to believe that he would fall in love with a mundane woman, no matter how saintly she might be. And most of the book is about their life together which, unfortunately, wasn’t exciting. Also, we’re only give a few small hints about the Telepath war which is very frustrating. On the other hand, I think Garibaldi and his obsession with Bester was handled very well.

Police detective Girard is a major character in the book and I think he was well portrayed considering the small page count. However, he’s not a B5 character and so I wasn’t interested in him. I think this was my major problem with the book: not enough B5.