A collection of five mystery novellas.

Publication year: 2011
Format: ebook, Kindle
Publisher: WMG Publishing

Discovery was first published in 2008, Cowboy Grace in 2003, Jury Duty 2005, Patriotic Gestures in 2008, and Spinning 2000.

In these five stories all of the main characters are women and they have to deal with a mystery one way or another, although they don’t all solve crimes. However, I enjoyed all of them. The second one was my favorite.

In Discovery, Pita Cardenas is a lawyer in a small town and she accepts a client whose case seems at first impossible to win. However, Pita aims to just put food on the table and gather enough evidence that her client would agree to settle. But Nan Hughes doesn’t want to settle. Her husband was supposedly killed while trying to race a train. Nan doesn’t believe it no matter how many eyewitnesses the railroad has. So, Pita digs into the evidence dutifully and finds more than she thought she would.

In Cowboy Grace, the title character, Grace, has just survived a cancer scare. She realizes that she wants more from her life than what she currently has: her own accounting firm and a couple of female friends who don’t even ask her how she feels. So, she sells her firm to her only employee, moves, and changes her name. However, her past isn’t so easy to leave behind.

I also really enjoyed Jury Duty. Pamela has been summoned to court for jury duty. However, she has her own reasons not to want to sit in the jury.

In Patriotic Games, the main character, Pamela again, has lost her only daughter. Her daughter was a soldier and Pamela puts the flag out on her porch. Then someone burns her flag and other flags in her neighborhood. Big mistake; Pamela is a crime scene technician and determined to find out the guilty party.

In Spinning the main character Patricia has joined a spinning class in order to lose weight and get in shape. She’s about to give up when her instructor’s disgusted look gives her determination to not only continue but get even with him. However, things turn out differently.