Collects Uncanny X-Men #540-544.

I read the issues when they were published in the monthly Finnish edition of the X-Men. These are the only issues we saw of the whole Fear Itself storyline.

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Greg Land, Jay Leisten
Publication year: 2012
Publisher: Marvel

Apparently, this is a part of much larger cross-over event at Marvel but I think it stands pretty well on its own, once we’re told what changed Juggernaut. I don’t like this collection as much as the previous one but it has potential for something which haven’t really been seen much in the X-Men comics in recent years: character development, especially for Peter, Kitty, and Illyana. (Actually, there might have been character development in the Schism storyline but that wasn’t published here.)

The first four issues focus on X-Men vs. Juggernaut and the last issue is Mr. Sinister talking (to himself) about X-Men’s history and especially recent events.

Juggernaut has gotten even more invincible because he got magical powers on top of his Juggernaut powers and he’s walking to San Francisco. The X-Men try to stop him. For some reason, Juggernaut speaks only gibberish and needs a henchman to speak for him.

Some of the people of SF are holding a rally against mutants saying that the mutants should leave SF and that they aren’t humans. However, the (young) mayor disagrees and says that the X-Men are welcome to stay. When Juggernaut is spotted, Scott and Emma let the mayor see what they are planning. Scott sends small teams against the Juggernaut, wanting to slow him down and get rid of his helmet so that Emma can zap him. Unfortunately, instead of she zapping him, Juggernaut zaps Emma, and the X-Men have an epic fight in their hands.

Meanwhile, Illyana has apparently endangered her friends to get revenge and now she’s considered a renegade. She’s imprisoned in a special X-Men prison. Her brother Peter is, of course, very concerned for her but she doesn’t appear to regret anything. Even her former best friend Kitty says that Illyana has changed so much she’s not really the same person anymore. However, when it becomes clear that Juggernaut can’t be stopped with mutant powers, the X-Men really have only one expert in magic, so Scott has to turn to Illyana.

Also, Namor is trying to take Emma away to be his queen. Sadly, he doesn’t succeed. Emma also sees a dream of a fiery bird returning and tries to kill Hope.

The story starts in a pretty usual way for the X-Men: intolerance and a huge enemy to fight. Scott is the central character; he’s very cold and calculating and convinced that he needs to be that way in order to protect the mutant race. Sadly, the world agrees with him. He says to the mayor that he doesn’t want to send the mutant kids into battle but he will if it becomes necessary. That’s essentially what he does: what is necessary to survive. He feels that he’s responsible for every hurt and death, and the others seem to blame him, too.

The fight against Juggernaut is shown in brief glimpses of various tactics which the mutants try against him. Otherwise, the fights would have take a lot of issues. Now, it’s almost a side story for everything else. One X-Men is changed a lot and I hope he won’t be just promptly changed back but the writers get to explore his new status more.

It’s a pretty average X-Men story and nothing fundamental happens here. Unless, of course, one X-Man’s transformation lasts long.