Collects Uncanny X-Men #530-534
I read the issues when they were published in the monthly Finnish edition of the X-Men.

Writer: Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen
Artists: Greg Land, Justin Leisten
Publication year: 2010

Quarantine continues the story lines in the previous collection, The Birth of Generation Hope. The mutants are catching a flue which also shuts down their powers. Utopia island is quarantined and only a few X-Men are outside it. Therefore Archangel, Pixie, Dazzler, and Northstar are effectively the X-Men and they get help from Storm. They respond to an attack and get… super powered fans.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast are frantically trying to get to the bottom of the flue; how to cure it and where it came from.

Elsewhere: In the previous story, Emma Frost convinced Kitty Pryde and Fantomex to help her to get her secret prisoner outside Utopia before anyone can know about him. The secret prisoner is Sebastian Shaw. Unfortunately, Fantomex doesn’t seem to know how Shaw’s powers work and he tries to kill Shaw by dropping him from an airplane. Big mistake.

The ideas in the virus story are interesting but I can’t help to think that it has all been done before and better. First, the virus was way too powerful – it quickly took down all of the X-Men’s big guns. Compared to that the resolution was way too quick. The virus story reeks of a one-shot but unfortunately I don’t think the mutants can just blithely assume that all of the virus has been accounted for and nobody else can use it. The virus depowered Magneto, Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Psylocke, Namor…

What I really liked, however, were the fans. They are rich kids who want to get superpowers themselves. Of course they do – who wouldn’t! I also really “enjoyed” (if that’s the correct word for a new villain who I look forward to getting the tar beaten out of him, repeatedly) the idea that someone want to get the rights to the mutant genome because he wants to get money out of it. I also really enjoyed the new X-Men in action, especially the interaction between Allison and Pixie. It’s too bad that the artist was Land and the women don’t look human.

I really didn’t care for the Emma Frost story. Beside the fact that I loath Emma as a “hero”, I didn’t really like Kitty whining all the time that Shaw shouldn’t be killed. She didn’t have any suggestions of how to contain him, though. And Fantomex was just stupid.

Overall, a mixed bag.