I went to see 22 new movies in the theaters and planned on seeing two more. However, Underworld 4 and Resident Evil 4 weren’t shown in theaters here and I still haven’t seen Resident evil 4.
I bought only two movies which have come out 2012 and which I’ve seen already. Most likely, I’ll get the Hobbit at some point but now I’m thinking about waiting until they release a box set with all three movies.

The best new movies

4, Iron Sky
I’m of course biased because the production team is Finnish. Still, I think it was a very entertaining comedy.

3, ParaNorman
Surprisingly funny and the best new animated movie I saw this year.

2, John Carter
Sure, there are moments there I would have done differently but seeing Sola and Tars Tarkas on the big screen was just… wonderful. And Dejah Thoris was spot on! I was more than a little concerned about her beforehand but she pretty much stole every scene she was in.

1, Avengers
I went to see it five times in the theater. This is the way to do a comic book movie!

Movies 2013
All of the movies I’m eagerly waiting for are sequels: Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2… I’ll probably watch Superman, but I’m not really sure what to expect. I was also a bit surprised to see just how many sci-fi movies are coming out next year (After Earth, Oblivion, Singularity, Ender’s Game, Pacific Rim…)

Best new to me TV

3, Once upon a time
To my surprise one of the Finnish channels started to show this and I was hooked. I really enjoy the scenes in the Fantasyland, especially the back stories of various characters.

2, FlashForward
A fascinating concept that was cut off way too soon. I’m planning to read the book the show was based on.

1, Fringe
The first two season were available in the Finnish Netflix. At first I was annoyed at how many of the episodes on seasons 1 and 2 were stand-alones. But I’ve just started season 3 and… This! This is the way to do alternate universes! Win! I really hope the show will continue to be this awesome.