It was close, but I managed to finish them all. Off the shelf was the hardest one. I picked 50 book goal and succeed only because I counted omnibus books as two.

Terry Pratchett (1) 4 Done!
Just for Fun (12) 12 Done!
New Author (25) 30 Done!
The Graphic Novel Challenge (12) 21 Done!
Immortal (3+3+3+1) 3+3+3+1 Done!
Sci-Fi Challenge (12) 12 Done!
Speculative Fiction challenge (48) 48 Done!
Off the Shelf (50) 51 Done!
1st in a series (12) 22 Done!
2nds (12) 14 Done!
Once upon a time (5) 14+2+1 Done!

Once again I’m amazed at how many new series I started (22) but then read only 14 in the Seconds challenge, and most of them in different series or the second time I read an author.

I read 30 new authors and most of them fell in the OK category (could read more but not in a hurry). However, I will try out Caitlin Kittredge’s other series.

I’ve certainly learned my lesson for this year. I’ve only joined six challenges with a lot of overlapping books. And my goal for TBR books is just 24 although hopefully I’ll have the time and inspiration to read a bit more of them.