The fifth book in the Dark Days urban fantasy series.

Publication year: 2010
Format: Audio
Publisher: Harper Audio
Narrator: Christina Delaine
Running Time: 13 hrs and 22 minutes

Wait for Dusk starts right after the cliffhanger which ended Pray for Dawn. Despite all her powers, Mira has been kidnapped and badly beaten by a creature who wears her father’s face. The creature claims to be one of the ancient gods who has gone with various names: Ogo, Anansi, Coyote, Loki etc. and that he’s Mira’s sire. He’s very disappointed that Mira is a vampire. He threatens to turn Mira into a human so that she can bear their child. Horrified, Mira refuses. Nick, as he calls himself, gives her another chance: if Mira can control Danaus and Jebari, and turn their powers against them, Mira will have proven herself. Nick gives Mira a limited time to do so and leaves her battered. He also gives her additional powers to twist Danaus’ and Jebari’s powers which have been used against Mira before.

Valerio teleports from Venice. The vampire Coven wants Mira to return and take her place officially. However, when Mira and Danaus travel to Venice, one of the old vampires challenges Mira for the seat. But Mira burns him and reclaims her place. The Coven sends Mira to Budapest. The old city doesn’t have a vampire Keeper and has apparently a lot of naturi so it needs a protector. At first the vampires of Budapest seem welcoming but they are hiding a lot. In addition to Danaus, Mira has a questionable ally in Valerio, who is Mira’s old friend – as much as vampires can be friends. He also has his own reasons for wanting to go to Budapest. And Mira’s nemesis has also traveled to the city.

In this book, Mira declares Danaus her consort, her equal. She tries to explain it away as a political move and a way to protect Danaus but of course she’s also attracted to him. Their on again, off again relationship hasn’t been my favorite thing in this series but here it reaches an all time low. Danaus finds a vampire’s pet whom he’s determined to protect. Mira turns into jealous harridan and immediately loses all of her trust in him. Also, the city doesn’t seem to have much of police force. At least in Savannah Mira has to worry about the local police.

Nick has interesting powers: Mira can’t hurt him but he can hurt her and even turn her into a human. Nick can also appear where he wants. However, otherwise he seems to be just one another powerful man who want to control Mira for his own ends. Nick seems to imply that even if Mira hadn’t been turned into a vampire, she would have still been alive. After all, Mira is 600 years old and as a human she would have been long dead before now but Nick hasn’t searched her out before.

Mira was almost motherly in the previous book but in this one she’s back to behaving like a vicious vampire. She’s also doing to best to keep the vampires and werewolves together for the final confrontation. That means a lot of politicking.

The ending isn’t a cliffhanger but it changes politics in this vampire world.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the narrator. She made Mira sound like she was crying or whining all the time but especially when Mira was supposed to be angry.

Oh, and I really loath that cover.