Chapters 7-8
Every Man Jack
Leavings and Partings

In the seventh chapter Bod is now fourteen. He has to confront the organization which murdered his family. Silas has been away for a few months and the ghosts are afraid that he’s not going to return. Therefore Bod has to deal with everything. I was really impressed that Bod didn’t kill anyone (because revenge killing seem to be very common in fantasy these days) but he did send them to horrible fates.

The chapter is almost as much about Scarlett as it’s about Bod. Scartlett’s parents divorced and Scarlett’s mother brings them back to Bod’s city. We see Scarlett’s life; she’s a pretty normal self centered teenager. On retrospect, it was obvious that Mr. Frost was Jack but while reading it, I assumed Jack to be a high-paid assassin with weird powers and someone like that wouldn’t have time to stake out just one place.

I also really liked the small snippets about Silas’ and Miss Lupescus’ quest.

The Jacks turn out to be stranger than I thought. Great! And a great chapter!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for the final chapter. Bod didn’t choose to leave, he was, essentially, booted out when his skills and powers just fade, when he ages. Silas finally shows a lot of classic vampire traits: he doesn’t have a reflection in a mirror and he sleeps on home soil when he’s away from home – and the cemetery isn’t his home. That last one was a surprise.

Overall, I liked the book a lot but the last chapter soured it a bit.