Today the topic of Top Ten Tuesdays is Favorite Authors in a Genre.

This ended up being rather easy.

My current top ten of science fiction authors:

1, Lois McMaster Bujold
Writes a long-running character centered space opera series the Vorkosigan saga. I’d recommend starting with the omnibus of the first two books: “Cordelia’s Honor”.

2, C. J. Cherryh
Writes a variety of SF (and fantasy and science fantasy) series. My favorite so far is the Chanur series which has only one human character who a minor character. Starts with “Pride of Chanur”.

3, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Writes also in a variety of genres: SF, fantasy, romance, mystery. My favorite from her is the Disappered universe starting with “the Disappared”. Unlike Bujold, who almost always has just one POV character, Rusch (in the Disappered books) has lots of POV characters who don’t necessary even know each other. But they are all always tightly connected through events or disasters.

4, Elizabeth Bear
Bear also writes a variety of books: SF, fantasy, and everything in between. My favorite of her SF works is the Edda of Burdens trilogy which is post-apocalyptic SF with heavy influence from the Norse myths. First book: All the Windwracked Stars.

5, Liz Williams
Writes stand-alone SF books and a fantasy series (the Chief Inspector Chen series). I would recommend “Darkland” and “Bloodmind” which are set hundreds of years in the future when humans have settled lots of planets. They are both quite dark, though, dealing issues like abuse survival.

6, Kage Baker
I’ve fallen sadly behind in my Baker reading. Her series follows a group of immortals through human history. It starts with “In the Garden of Iden”.

7, Roger Zelazny
He has written a lot of books, most of them stand-alones. My favorite of his SF books is Lord of Light which combines Hindu mythology with science fiction.

8, Connie Willis
Her books about time traveling historians seem to divide people but I adore them.

9, Peter Clines
Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots combine superheroes and zombies.

10, Ursula LeGuin
She writes thoughtful science fiction which is more concerned with people than gadgets, or adventure for that matter.